WoW kaninerne

Impeys Kaniner

Medlem af Dansk Kaninavlerforening


I am terrible at naming my rabbits. I struggle to find enough good names for them.

This time Ive asked good friends for help, and they have let me use the names of their World of Warcraft characters.


Thank you all for the contribution.

I love you all and miss you guys.


This page is a tribute to bunnies and people alike.


Will edit and add more later. :)





Always kind, plessant and friendly.

The one I can always rely on.

Goes for both bunny and the friend who's name I used.

Bunny: Male dwarf lop, aguti.


I sure hope this will be my next champion.

Great attitude and always kind.

Bunny: Male lionhead, black


Pretty, has a temper, but takes care of her friends. Will scrup up nicely once we get past the baby-fur.

Bunny: Female Lionhead, brown with markings.


The kindergaden leader who takes good care of Xargot (who survived due to Idras care), Jessamina and Gustaf.

She makes sure everyone is ok, and protects whoever might feel nervous or scarred.

Bunny: Female Lionhead/Dwarf lop mix, aguti


That dark one, not like anyone else.

Quite a handful to handle at times, but a good boy at heart really.

Bunny: Male black bunny. (Breed not recognised in UK and has no name in english) Normally white with black spots.


The annoying little shit, who can't survive without her friends. ;)

Bunny: Same breed as Veygar, but female.


A total charmer. Plays his part well.


Bunny: Male Lionhead, black spotted, blue eyed.

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